Any conventional bra has straps, and they are really annoying. Sometimes they come out and cause discomfort, and even bruising. The problem is you cannot wear your bra without straps, because it won’t stay in place. Surely, you have tried various methods, but we bet you haven’t tried this trick yet.

For this trick, all you need is a sanitary pad that you cut into smaller pieces. Apply them to the end of the straps. This will keep the bra in place and prevent breaks out.

Here are also 4 tricks involving sanitary pads

Sweat absorbent

With a sanitary pad, you don’t need a headband anymore. Nico Rosberg, the Formula 1 racing driver, puts a sanitary napkin under his helmet to prevent sweat from dropping into his eyes. To absorb sweat, stylists often put sanitary pads under the clothes, it prevents “ring” from forming around the armpit, during a photo shoot. Did you know that models also sweat like you and me?!

Temporary bandage

In case you are injured in the wild, we all know there is no pharmacy in there, use sanitary pad to make a temporary bandage. Wrap it on the wound and you can continue your path.

Insole for your shoes

If you have sweaty feet, putting the pad in your shoes will absorb sweat and help you have fresh, clean and non-smelly feet. Also, if your shoes are a little big, it will make your shoes fit.

Nursing pad

For a breastfeeding woman, a leaking breast is not very practical. There is no need to spend money on nursing pads anymore. You just have to cut a sanitary pad in half and put it in your bra.